Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Love Leads Us to Do More

Some days are so busy with my kids, their activities and sports, carpool, school volunteer projects and committees, typical mommy-kind-of errands, kids' homework and projects...and the list goes on, that I cannot imagine fitting anything else in my life.  Then there are other days that I feel like I really need to do more.  I am finally at a point in my life where I am having more of the latter kind of days.  I'm not talking about more errands, more sports for my kids or even taking on the coaching role on my son's lacrosse team.  We all know where that may lead!  I want to truly give some of my time for the well-being of others.  Love lead me to China, and now so much more!

Throughout our journey of adoption, I have met some wonderful and most inspiring people.  One of those people is Maureen Osbourne.  Maureen's blog is very beautifully written and expresses so much of what many people feel, that we follow her.  Through this blog, she introduced an amazing foundation to me called, Love Without Boundaries.  I have read and re-read many of her posts and gazed at the pictures, some beautiful and some heartbreaking, that she has shared.  It drew me in and made me think, "how can I help these children."  One day, I sent Maureen an email asking her how can I get involved with Love Without Boundaries.  She responded with an offer I could not refuse.

Love Without Boundaries is an extraordinary foundation giving hope to thousands of orphans and impoverished children in China, aiding them with nutritional, medical and specialized care, foster care and education.  This list does not touch what really goes on behind the scenes. In reality, I am continuously amazed to read the leaps and bounds the LWB volunteers make to help so many children live in dignity and to help them reach their greatest potential.  My part of this foundation is very small, but I could not be more proud to be apart of such an incredibly loving and devoted group of people.

So, where do I fit in?  Education is a very important part to all children's lives.  In China, many orphans do not have the opportunity of education because they are not permitted into public schools. This is especially true for children with special needs.  LWB has created Believe In Me schools to be housed within orphanages so children can attend school.  Imagine the excitement of a child whose typical day once consisted of sitting in a bed or orphanage room,  can now explore the bright colors of a classroom, read new books, draw and color beautiful art and experience the joy of learning.  Because LWB has brought Believe In Me schools to China, these children are looking at brighter futures and lives that are forever changed.  I have been asked to be an Assistant Coordinator for the Believe In Me school in Lanzhou, and I could not be more honored to do more for the 34 beautiful children in our school.

Every day I open my email in hopes to see pictures of the children in Lanzhou.  Oh, they are so so precious.  The updates are priceless!  Each picture is better than the last.  LWB could not open, nor could the children participate in Believe In Me schools without donations and sponsorships.  If you have any interest in sponsoring one of our 34 children, I will attach the website below to lead you to this gift.  With sponsorship, you will receive quarterly updates along with photos of your sponsored child.  A one time donation is also very appreciated, and as a donor, you will receive updates and photos.

Love truly has no boundaries, and I am forever grateful to where our journey for Evie has lead us.  When I look at our four children, I see so much potential in their faces and the desire to explore, experience and learn.  All children are so deserving to explore, experience and learn, and if this means my fraction of existence in these 34 children's lives may help them do this, then doing a little more in my own life is so worth it!

Link to Love Without Boundaries - Learning in Lanzhou

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